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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Apache DS user list ?
Date Fri, 28 Jul 2006 06:34:28 GMT
Nick Rathke a écrit :

> Hi all,

Hi Nick !

> Are there plans to add a "user" mailing list ? I have a few questions 
> that are not development related and was wondering if there was a 
> better place to post such questions.

Yes, there is a plan to create such a list, but right now, we don't have 
that many users, due to the fact that we didn't release a 1.0 yet :) So 
feel very confortable to post any question to the dev list. The response 
will be 42 ;)

> As this seems to be the only place at the moment, here goes.....
> Is Apache DS 1.0 ready for productions use ? I am looking to replace 
> openLDAP and to use Apache DS with the Liferay portal server, which 
> will have Apache DS support shortly according to their web site.

Well, this is a great - and challenging - news for ADS ! So 1.0 will be 
production ready, definitively. Of course, we might have some bugs, but 
the is what we are currently working on with 1.0-RC4 : trying to make it 
the last Release Candidate before the production ready server. (I didn't 
even knew that liferay will support ADS, I have to look at their web site :)
Remember that this is Open Source, and our workforce are volonteers, so 
we do what we can to deliver the best product we can, but our time is 
shared with day jobs, life, and a little bit of other activity (like 
sleeping, having a shower from time to time ...). There is no guarentee 
that you won't ever have a problem with the server (but, after all, if 
you look at professionnal and expensive products, you have small prints 
that say exactly the same thing : you use the product are your own risk 
blah blah blah, - excpet that it cost you money- :)

> Is there a document that outlines Apache DS security configuration for 
> such things as TLS/SSL support, Kerberos ?

I don't think we support TLS atm, but we will. For SSL, here is the page 
For Kerberos, Work In Progress I think (but I'm not the Kerberos most 
aware person )

> Thanks and sorry for posting this to the Developer list!!

Don't be ! This is the place to post.

> Nick Rathke



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