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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject [ApacheDS] Bind performance
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2006 03:39:25 GMT
Hi all,

Real World Tests

Over the weekend I ran a few benchmarks to first get a baseline for 
ApacheDS performance.  I used a canned benchmark (job) from SLAMD for 

This test is more real world than doing just a bind operation.  This 
test does a bind, search for some stuff, then an unbind.  Here are the 
results of this test:

We've got a lot of room for improvement but it's not really that bad for 
a Java based server.

Stress Testing for Optimization

I realized that I want to isolate specific pathways in the server not so 
much for real world tests but to be able to control the inputs when 
profiling the server.

I really wanted to dissect the Bind operation for starters.  To do so I 
wrote my own SLAMD job class.  This was pretty neat.  I have to give the 
SLAMD developers credit. IT WORKS! I should have used this tool before.

Anyway my new slamd test which opens a new connection then does a bind 
after bind etc is here:

These results are summarized here even though you can sift through slamd 
to find them:

The a YourKit CPU snapshot with full profiling against this test is here:


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