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From Enrique Rodriguez <>
Subject Re: LDAP Triggers use cases: Need for real world data
Date Sun, 16 Jul 2006 21:57:22 GMT
Ersin Er wrote:
> So where does the conversion occurs from clear text to KerberosKey
> object. (I could learn this via a constructor usage search but I do
> not have an environment here.)
> BTW, SP and Triggers are core level constructs. So I do not think that
> the clear text password reachs the core. But it's also a fact that
> Kerberos service itself can update LDAP password to keep both
> passwords in sync. So, adding an 'userPassword' update inside the
> Kerberos service's operation chain should not be hard.

The Change Password Protocol is comprised of a single Chain of 
Responsibility using a MINA IoHandlerChain called the 
ChangePasswordChain.  In the ChangePasswordChain is an IoHandlerCommand 
"link" called ProcessPasswordChange.  In ProcessPasswordChange the 
plaintext password is converted to a KerberosKey and stored in the DIT.

So, you are correct that currently the plaintext password does not reach 
the core.  What I'm picturing is that 4 things change:

1)  The Change Password protocol simply passes the plaintext password to 
the core.

2)  The core handles the conversion of the plaintext password to 1..n 
key types.  Right now Change Password only creates a DES key and the 
intent was to not handle additional key types in the protocol provider, 
but rather to wait for triggers/SP's in the core to do the 1..n 
conversions based on configuration.

3)  Password policy enforcement also moves to the core, for reuse by 
other mechanisms for password changes.  Password policy is currently 
enforced in the CheckPasswordPolicy IoHandlerCommand.  There is a major 
issue here that rejected passwords would need to result in error 
handling that results in the proper Change Password error being returned 
to the client.

4)  Looking further down the road, yet relevant to your access control 
work, passwords should be modifiable according to access control.  Users 
need to be able to change their own password and, additionally, admins 
with proper rights need to be able to initialize and change passwords, too.


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