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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [OT] Issues on my eyes
Date Fri, 14 Jul 2006 03:04:07 GMT
Trustin Lee wrote:
> Hi community,
> I am sorry for sending off-topic messages only these days, but please 
> understand; this is serious.
> It is found that the retina of my left eye has been detached partially.  
> I received a laser operation which creates a barrier around the detached 
> part to stop the progress of the detachment.  I was really lucky that 
> this problem is found so early that I didn't need any surgery on my 
> eyes.  My doctor told me that I need to relax and try not to use 
> computer, not to read books. not to run and not to give any physical 
> impact to my head.
> I am really sorry for my recent on-going missing-in-action state, 
> especially in the extraordinarily important situation of MINA and 
> AsyncWeb proposal.  I believe Peter, Alex, and many other community 
> people will get together and drive things smoothly.  Of course, I will 
> do my best to catch up everything related with the proposal and respond 
> to it.  Unfortunately, I will not have enough time to support MINA and 
> ApacheDS for at least two weeks.  I hope everyone understands this, and 
> it would be really nice if other MINA committers could help Peter on 
> answering MINA questions on the mailing list.
> Recently, we voted on adding Julien Vermillard to our committer list, 
> and it has been passed.  Julien told me that his ICLA has been fax'd to 
> the ASF office.  Alex, could you take care of the remaining process?  I 
> think we didn't even announce the vote result.  Sorry about this, too.
> I will check my in-box regularly, so please feel free to contact me 
> though response time would vary. :)

Yes stop reading is right as was said.  Just don't worry about a thing. 
We've got it covered.  Just get some rest.


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