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From Enrique Rodriguez <>
Subject Re: Kerberos Question
Date Thu, 13 Jul 2006 14:34:05 GMT
Ersin Er wrote:
> Enrique Rodriguez wrote:
>> I recommend studying the MINA framework.  Once you understand the 
>> layout of a MINA server-side protocol, I think the Kerberos 
>> implementation will be much easier to understand, especially since you 
>> already have Kerberos knowledge.  In particular, look at MINA's 
>> IoHandlerChain's, as the Kerberos protocol provider is comprised of 3 
>> chains, namely AS, TGS, and pre-auth chains which follow the "Gang of 
>> Four" Chain of Responsibility (CoR) pattern.
> I have seen that our CoR implementation was a fork of Commons Chain and 
> as far as I remember a new version (1.1) of Commons Chain came out a few 
> weeks ago. I am not sure if there is anything related to our stuff, but 
> just a FYI.

Trustin re-wrote the chain code for MINA; same pattern, different code. 
  There is no longer any code from Commons Chain.


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