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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS][performance] Add, Search, Del throughput
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2006 08:02:53 GMT
Norbet Reilly a écrit :

> Hi All,

Hi Norbet

> I haven't done an update to the latest SVN trunk for a while, so I
> thought I'd try one and see if I could take advantage of the speed
> improvements and enhanced LDIF reader support I've been reading about.
> Unfortunately things didn't go so smoothly...

Sorry about that ...

> I use JDK1.4 (still the intended target platform, correct ?) 

Correct. But remember you need a JDK 5 to compile the code. This is 
mandatory for Mina. However, the server should run with jdk 1.4

> as as
> with all of the updates I've done over the last six months or so,
> there were a number of build problems which I had to hack around. Two
> which I can remember were that the StringTools.DEFAULT_CHARSET_JDK_1_5
> constant can't be evaluated under JDK1.4 as it is assigned to a
> JDK1.5-specific method. 

I think it has been fixed ?

> Another was the LDAP class loader seems to
> refer to a JDK.1.5 compiled class.

uh? Do we have a classloader?

> After fixing these I then saw a whole raft of unit test failures and
> decided there wasn't going to be time to investigate/resolve them all,
> the list is as follows:
> ./apacheds/core/src/test/java/org/apache/directory/server/core/authz/support/

> ./apacheds/core/src/test/java/org/apache/directory/server/core/authz/support/

> ./apacheds/core/src/test/java/org/apache/directory/server/core/authz/support/

> ./apacheds/core/src/test/java/org/apache/directory/server/core/authz/support/

> ./apacheds/core/src/test/java/org/apache/directory/server/core/authz/support/

> ./apacheds/core/src/test/java/org/apache/directory/server/core/authz/support/

> ./apacheds/core-unit/src/test/java/org/apache/directory/server/core/sp/

> ./mina/core/src/test/java/org/apache/mina/common/support/ 
> ./mina/core/src/test/java/org/apache/mina/transport/socket/nio/

> ./mina/core/src/test/java/org/apache/mina/transport/vmpipe/ 
> ./shared/ldap/src/test/java/org/apache/directory/shared/ldap/ldif/

> After moving these out of the way I had a working JDK1.4 build and
> needed to refactor my code to remove all LdapName refs and replace a
> number javax.naming.Name with LdapDN references: which was fine as I'd
> expected to need to do this work.

Yeah, this was a major difference intrroduced for RC4

> However, when I attempted a sanity check reading a small LDIF file at
> ApacheDS start-up I encountered the most worrying set of problems. In
> about ten different places during start-up the core wasn't internally
> able to resolve the system partition (ou=system), as
> DefaultDirectoryPartitionNexus.getBackend(LdapDN) expects the provided
> DN to be normalised (<oid>=value), but was given an unormalised DN. At
> this stage I was quite a few hours into the update and decided to just
> hack in any number of .normalise()s to see if I could get the system
> to start-up.

(I think you fixed this as stated in one of your following mail)

> So my questions are:
> 1. JDK 1.4 is still the target platform, correct?


> 2. I know updating to the trunk usually involves an element of risk,
> but my experiences with this upgrade tend to suggest that the codebase
> currently has some pretty deep-running issues re LdapDN normalisation.
> It's possible that all the problems I saw were due to importing LDIF,
> but I strongly suspect otherwise. I'll do some other testing before
> rolling back to the snapshot I was using previously.

(fixed, as stated in your next mail?)

> 3. Am I the only one seeing these problems with unit
> tests/normalisation on the trunk? If not, is there a point in time
> when the stability of the trunk is expected to be restored.

Do you still have pbs with unit tests?

> 4. I tried a few weeks back to move from the trunk back to the 1.0
> branch (which I'd prefer to use ultimately) but had the same JDK1.4
> compatibility issues reported above, so didn't want to invest a lot of
> time in back-porting my customisations until it looked closer to being
> frozen.
> 5. Which codebase would the comitters advise me to concentrate on,
> should I concentrate exclusively on the 1.0 branch and ignore the
> trunk for a while?

Well, trunk should work, but we are currently finishing a huge fixing 
session in optimization-branch. It will be merged soon in trunk, and the 
branch will be removed.
1.0 branch has not moved a lot.

> Sorry if I sound a bit grumpy, the update led to a very late night.

np, I'm grumpy all the time :)

> Any opinions gratefully accepted...

We are currently trying to fix the mess ... We have been a little bit 
too busy to be able to stabilize some parts of the server.

Sorry about that...


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