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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS][performance] Add, Search, Del throughput
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2006 07:37:32 GMT
Alex Karasulu a écrit :

> Hi folks,


> At ApacheCon EU Emmanuel did a presentation with a different setup. 
> First of all the server could not be tuned properly so it had issues 
> with memory management and performance would be effected.  Secondly 
> the nature of the experiments were different. The common case where a 
> bind, simple one entry lookup, followed by an unbind was done.  

To be clear, it was : BIND, 10 000 Single entry searches, UNBIND. So the 
BIND/UNBIND was issued only once.

The convo we had with Alex yesturday stated the following points :
- We must add some cache tuning configuration on ADS (done)
- I favored out of the box ( not tuning except adding some indexes on 
ADS to be equivalent to those used in OpenLDAP) installation of all 
products, so I didn't tuned anything.
- My tests reflected - in my mind - the way LDAP servers are used in the 
industry : IM or SSO systems use LDAP server to find entries for known 
users, so they just do search for a known entry. I may be totally wrong, 
of course. Alex consider other scenarios, like Mail user agent, or 
yellow pages.
- We must test those two kind of scenarios

To do a fair comparison between products like ADS, FDS and OpenLdap, we 
must also define tuning parameters that fit best for each scenarios and 
each server, not just do brute force tests out of the box. However, the 
ApacheCon EU presentation was just intend to expose ApacheDS overall 
performances on a simple scenario and to expose the fact that it's 
somehow a usable server, which has some advantages, and, yes, some 
drawbacks ;) Not to mention the fact that having done those tests 
allowed us to find and fix many problems and points we have to improve. 
This was the mean reason we conducted those tests.


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