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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject WARNING (II)
Date Sun, 09 Jul 2006 10:06:57 GMT
Hi band again,

there is a huge problem in branch/apacheds/optimization-trunks.

The svn:externals property are set to a wrong version of mina :

[elecharny@localhost optimization-trunks]$ svn pg svn:externals
daemon -r412564
mina -r412559

MINA-0.9.4  can't compile with shared trunk.

We have to fix this if we want to be able to merge the branch into the 

Another point : it could be a very good idea to commit .classpath to 
link projects between them, instead of depending on jars in the repo. So 
far, as we have .classpath built by maven, each project point to a jar 
in the repo, not to another project. So you may run the server without 
using the piece of code you have just modified, because the jar that you 
created by mvn install was not the one pointed in another .classpath.

For instance, in optimization-trunks, the .classpath contains :
<classpathentry kind="var" 

but the current project shared-ldap pom.xml contains :

So whatever modification you do in shared-ldap, even related to MINA 
filter-codec-asn1 project, won't be used when you will test MINA. You 
can mvn install shared-ldap how often you want, MINA will still use an 
old jar ...

And this is not Maven fault :)



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