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From Stefano Bagnara <>
Subject Re: Apache DS build, Maven and targeting 1.0 release...
Date Sun, 30 Jul 2006 12:54:41 GMT
Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> So, now, we have some points we need to discuss :
> - the need of a local repo, where all the jars are stored, and 
> versionned, seems to me mandatory

I think that you don't need versioning when using maven repositories.
Maven repository expect that each new version of a jar get a new name 
and you never override it (it caches artifacts by they version).
Imho you just need a repository, you don't need a versioned repository.
You should also make sure that you always use specific version in 
"dependency/version" and never use an open range.

> [..]
> Feel free to express what you think, and it can be as radical as "Let's 
> move to ant + ivy". I think that some decision will lead to a vote at 
> some point.
> wdyt ?

What do you think that ivy repository will fix from maven2 repository?
If you need the ant way to do thing, you can store the jar in the lib 
folder and declare the dependency scope as "system" so maven2 does not 
use the repository but read the jar from the folder you specified.

Furthermore if you switch to ant+ivy you have to store both ant and ivy 
versions in your repository or build with that specific release.

If there is a bug in an ant-plugin you want it to be reproduced later, 
when building that version, even if the new ant-plugin fixed the bug, right?


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