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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: ApacheDS Maven POM and inherited dependencies
Date Sun, 30 Jul 2006 17:05:27 GMT
Let me see if I get this on a more general level.

We have multiple projects.

Each project has dependencies.

When those projects are built, the dependencies 
are included with the build.

So when we combine all these projects we have
duplicated dependencies on the classpath or at least 
duplicate dependency jars in the main build...because
each sub project has overlapping dependencies.

If my understanding is correct, then we  should be
able to resolve this by setting the dependency scope
attribute to "compile" on the subprojects, and 
list all the dependencies in the main ADS pom, with
scope set to "runtime".

- Ole

--- Enrique Rodriguez <> wrote:

> Emmanuel Lecharny wrote:
> ...
> > Now, I don't know exactly why this should become a
> problem when adding 
> > those osgi projects. May be th eproblem is not the
> dependency itself, 
> > but the project structure, and may be we should
> reorganize it to ease 
> > your integration?
> Some details on the problem:  Through Maven 2
> transitive dependencies, 
> the OSGi bundles end up getting antlr,
> commons-collections, 
> commons-lang, shared-asn1, and shared-ldap embedded
> inside of them.  The 
> difference in size is, for example, 100K bulked up
> to 2MB.  All because 
> of the dep on shared-ldap.  Now, we could do what I
> did in a number of 
> the bundles and exclude everything that's not needed
> but that is a messy 
> solution and it only treats the symptoms.
> I like the idea of revamping the project structure. 
> This would also 
> address an opinion I stated recently, that we should
> rev the 
> protocol-providers separate from the core, to
> reflect their varying 
> levels of functional state:  Kerberos and Change
> Password are in good 
> shape, DNS and NTP are OK, DHCP won't do much for
> you.
> Enrique

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