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From "John E. Conlon" <>
Subject ApacheDS Maven POM and inherited dependencies
Date Sat, 29 Jul 2006 21:04:21 GMT
Starting in May I began adding several JIRA issues related to
'Overweight OSGi bundles'.

Overview of the problem -
What is common to all of these issues is that the unnecessary jars being
added to the OSGi bundles in the maven build are coming
from the inherited pom.xmls up the ancestor chain. 

My patches simply broke the chain at the osgi poms. There is a better

Details - 
For each ADS osgi bundle it's maven pom.xml is inheriting from its
parent -> trunks/apacheds/osgi/pom.xml,
which in turn inherits from its parent --> trunks/apacheds/pom.xml.

For naming sake trunks/apacheds/pom.xml is the grandfather of each of
the osgi pom.xml files. It's maven group/artid/ver is:

And trunks/apacheds/pom.xml is where the problem starts.

Inside the trunks/apacheds/pom.xml one dependency is specified.

And this dependency and its transitive dependencies cascade down the
inheritance chain adversely effecting children that don't need shared-
ldap (and its transitives) - like the osgi projects. 

This kind of dependency is not a good thing to have in a ancestor pom
unless all its descendants need it, and that is not the case for
apacheds. So that dep needs to be removed from the
trunks/apacheds/pom.xml and placed only in the descendant poms that
really need to use it. Once done my patches will not be needed and we
will still keep a nice inheritance chain up to the root pom.xml.

Note: I have not investigated which projects in the trunks/apacheds
directory outside of the osgi sub directory will be effected. I wanted
to get this out in the air for discussion.



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