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From "Oscar Herrera" <>
Subject Is there a problem on MINA 0.9.4 with the ThreadPool?
Date Wed, 26 Jul 2006 16:30:04 GMT
Hi everyone.


I've kept on doing some research on what is causing my application to
hang out with an OutOfMemoryException and responding really slow under
some server load, my conclusion so far is that the MINA ThreadPool is
not working fine, I got to this after making several testing over my
server using JProfiler and observing as a pattern that under low load
(less than 70 users) the thread pool works fine and uses many threads
for the write operation, after this point (well not exactly, it changes
each time I test but 70 is a good average) seems like the ThreadPool
forgets the other threads are waiting and decides to use only one
creating one big queue of outgoing messages for all the write


I'll start looking at MINA's source code to see if I can get to the
error and perhaps solve it. I'll keep you posted and appreciate any clue
on where this error might be,


Thank you,


Oscar Herrera


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