Well, as it will be available directly when you check out the server code, it has to be ASL 2.0 cocmpliant, I think.

Thanks anyway, we will look at it soon :)

Emmanuel Lécharny

On 6/29/06, Clément OUDOT <coudot@linagora.com> wrote:
Emmanuel Lecharny a écrit :
> Thanks Clément,
> I think they may be a problem with the licence. Your tool is GPL,
> which is not compatible with ASL2.0 licence. Is it possible you
> consider changing it ?
I'm not the owner of the project, but Raphael OUAZANA told me he could
put a double license on the software. I'm not sure it's necessary
because it just a testing tool, not aimed to be a part of the ApacheDS
project. If you plan to use it, tell it to Raphael so he can help you
with the license.


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