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I'm trying to upgrade our embedded 0.9 ldap server to the RC3 in preparation for moving to the 1.0.0 release however I'm quite puzzled at the following exception :

Jun 7, 2006 11:25:22 AM org.apache.directory.server.core.DefaultDirectoryService startup
WARNING: ApacheDS shutdown hook has NOT been registered with the runtime.  This default setting for standalone operation has been overriden.
Jun 7, 2006 11:25:23 AM org.apache.directory.server.core.DefaultDirectoryService showSecurityWarnings
WARNING: You didn't change the admin password of directory service instance 'default'.  Please update the admin password as soon as possible to prevent a possible security breach.
Jun 7, 2006 11:25:23 AM org.apache.directory.server.jndi.ServerContextFactory loadLdifs
INFO: LDIF load directory not specified.  No LDIF files will be loaded.
Jun 7, 2006 11:25:23 AM org.apache.directory.server.jndi.ServerContextFactory startLDAP0
INFO: Successful bind of an LDAP Service (13544) is complete.
Jun 7, 2006 11:25:23 AM CEST [main] [SEVERE] Unable to start embedded LDAP server.
org.apache.directory.shared.ldap.exception.LdapConfigurationException: ambiguous bind settings encountered where bind is anonymous yet java.naming.security.credentials property is set
        at org.apache.directory.server.core.DefaultDirectoryService.checkSecuritySettings(DefaultDirectoryService.java:382)
        at org.apache.directory.server.core.DefaultDirectoryService.getJndiContext(DefaultDirectoryService.java:134)
        at org.apache.directory.server.core.jndi.AbstractContextFactory.getInitialContext(AbstractContextFactory.java:121)
        at javax.naming.spi.NamingManager.getInitialContext(NamingManager.java:667)
        at javax.naming.InitialContext.getDefaultInitCtx(InitialContext.java:247)
        at javax.naming.InitialContext.init(InitialContext.java:223)
        at javax.naming.InitialContext.<init>(InitialContext.java:197)
        at javax.naming.directory.InitialDirContext.<init>(InitialDirContext.java:82)
        at id.serverapp.directoryserver.LDAPServer.start(LDAPServer.java:166)

I'm disabling anonymous binds and specifying admin credentials. If I remove te admin credentials it complains that anonymous binds are disabled .. so what's going on ?  I tried looking at the checkSecuritySettings code but I did not understand what the problem was. I probably did something pretty braindead but my LDAP/directory server knowledge is quite limited ;)

For reference my code looks a lot like the jboss integration

                final Properties env = new Properties();
                env.setProperty(Context.PROVIDER_URL, "uid=admin,ou=system");
                env.setProperty(Context.INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY, ServerContextFactory.class.getName());
                env.setProperty(Context.SECURITY_PRINCIPAL, kADMIN_USER);
                env.setProperty(Context.SECURITY_CREDENTIALS, kADMIN_PASSWORD);
                // This is bug-or-weirdness workaround for in-VM access to the
                // DirContext of ApacheDS
                env.put(Configuration.JNDI_KEY, new SyncConfiguration());
                // Now create a configuration for the ldap server and add these as JNDI keys
                MutableServerStartupConfiguration cfg = new MutableServerStartupConfiguration();

                // Access Control

                // Wire protocols

                // Work directory were the ldap server stores it's files

                // Addditional bootstrap schemas we provide
                final Set schemas = cfg.getBootstrapSchemas();
                schemas.add(new ScripturaUserSchema());
                schemas.add(new ScripturaGroupSchema());

                // Shutdown

                // done changing the configuration, add to the jndi environment

                // Fire it up!
                new InitialDirContext(env);

Thx for any feedback,


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