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On 5/29/06, Enrique Rodriguez <> wrote:
I am really excited to hear that you are hoping to get more involved in
not just OSGi but also the "realm controller" protocol providers.  While
I work to alleviate the user support issues and to write documentation
specific to the provider implementations, a really great way to start to
come up to speed on DNS, DHCP, Kerberos, Change Password, and NTP is by
reading the IETF specifications that these protocols are based on.  If
you wanted I could put together a reading list of the relevant IETF
RFC's, as well as the page numbers and chapters of the OSGi R4
specification, since much of the R4 spec does not apply to our project.


I, too, am interested not just on the OSGi as a runtime platform for Directory, but also with protocol side of things as well.  I've done some IETF spec implementations in the past, and would like to contribute in this area of Directory as well.  I've been implementing Triplesec at my work, and with it riding on top of Directory, I'd like to get more deeply involved.

I would definitely appreciate a reading list of the relevant RFCs and the OSGi R4 chapters/pages.