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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Performance testing
Date Thu, 29 Jun 2006 20:13:48 GMT
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Hi Quanah,


>> Comments? Thoughts?
> I'd note that SLAMD already does a lot of what you are discussing, is
> open source, and is written in Java.  

Yes it does! You're right.  I still do have to get acquainted with it.

But note that this is just part of the problem for us.  Setting up the
test harness, with comparable conditions is perhaps the most manual and
tedious part besides watching the tests chug along.  So I think we
should as you suggest look into the right tool for SLAM'in the server :).

Perhaps we can break it apart and build a client side maven mojo for it.
  SLAMD I'm sure has some configuration to it as well.

What it doesn't do is load the
> LDIF into the server.  However, these are the tools that it does have:
> (a) Ability to use very sophisticated templates to generate LDIF files
> for loading into directory servers.
> (b) Distributed clients -- You generally cannot get an idea of the
> performance of an LDAP server from a single client
> (c) Resource monitoring -- This monitors CPU usage, Disk usage, SWAP,
> and Memory, maybe other things as well
> (d) A number of pre-defined benchmarking tests as well as the ability to
> create your own
> (e) Report generation, including PDF and HTML

Very nice.  I'll have to tinker a bit.

Thanks for your recommendations.

> --Quanah
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