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From Clément OUDOT <>
Subject Re: [ApacheDS] Performance testing
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2006 16:28:41 GMT
Alex Karasulu a écrit :
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> Need Benchmarking/Profiling Perf Suite (BPPS) for ApacheDS
> ==========================================================
> I just sat down in front of my machine and wanted to run some
> performance tests on the server.  These questions came up:
> o What tests do I run?
> o What LDIF should I import first before running those tests?
> o Which version of the server should I run these tests against?
> o Can I run these tests against other LDAP servers?
> I did the first thing anyone would do.  I tapped Emmanuel on the
> shoulder to ask him for his materials for his AC EU presentation.  I did
> not want to repeat the work that he had already done.
> Please Emmanuel take no offense but I found the setup and repeated work
> to be a bit of a hassle.  I'm sure you were bothered by doing things
> manually yourself.  Plus I wanted to profile these tests too inside
> Eclipse using Yourkit.  Anyway I came to a final conclusion:
> *Conclusion*: We need some repeatable benchmarking/profiling perfromance
> test suite for ApacheDS that can be run easily.
> Requirements for BPPS
> =====================
> Here's what I started asking myself for internally.  Please add to this
> list if you can think of other requirements.
> (1a) Need repeatable performance tests with setup prep and tear down
> (1b) Tests should be able to load an initial data set (LDIF) into server
> (2) I should be able to use Maven or ant to kick off these tests
> (3) Tests should produce some kind of report
> (4) Tests should easily be pointed to benchmark other servers
> (5) Make it easy to create a new performance test.
> (6) I want a summary of the conditions in the test report which include
> the setup parameters for:
> 	o operations performed
> 	o capacity,
>  	o concurrency,
> 	o hardware.
> 	o operating system
> Existing work and potential approaches
> ======================================
> I figured using JUnit was the best way to test ApacheDS or anyother
> server.  Plus I could setUp and tearDown test cases.  The only thing I
> needed to do was make a base test case or two for the various apacheds
> configurations (embedded testing verses full networked testing).
> The first base test case, for embedded testing, was setup here:
> Yeah it's weak and I'll try to add to it.  What I would like to do is
> invite people to work with me on setting up this
> benchmarking/profiling/perf testing framework.
> Comments? Thoughts?

we have tested OpenLDAP with some basic C program :

Simple but very efficient, it can import sample users.


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