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From Ersin Er <>
Subject LDAP Triggers use cases: Need for real world data
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 06:28:01 GMT
Hi all,

Are there any volunteers who can provide (a part of) their LDAP
directory information base so that we can take it as a sample in our
LDAP Triggers related documents ? What we need also (and more
importantly) is the bunch of shell scripts for pre/post administration
operations - which are possible used by most directory admins - so that
we can show how LDAP Triggers can replace some workarounds. Well you may
not consider this workaround, but it's better to do constraint checks in
the server itself. For example, after a user has been deleted from the
DIT, it may be wanted to remove it from some group memberships also. So
the administrator will probably have a shell script for this kind of
post operation (where he also deletes the user via a script which can
"trigger" ;-) the group membership removal script). LDAP Triggers can do
much more than this simple scenario, but this is an obvious and simple one.

Any contribution is welcome.


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