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From Kristian Rink <>
Subject Re: SQL-to-LDAP backend? (was Re: [OT?] user list)
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2006 18:22:04 GMT

Hello Jim, Marc, all;

at first, thanks loads for your hints, much appreciated! :) Right now, I
am getting my feet wet playing around with Penrose - good thing about it
as I have seen so far is that it's both Open-Source _and_ easy to handle
(which is good since I'm not the only one who will have to maintain the
final solution).

On the other side, I don't think that the DIT will be _that_ complex in
the end. LDAP is thought to export the users stored inside the DMS
software since we need to have external services (FTP, HTTP/WebDAV, ...)
doing authentication against those user information and the DMS itself
doesn't provide any interface of doing that directly (so I have to
follow the way of somehow manually messing around with its database).
So, the directory itself will not really need to have a complex
structure, all that is required is to make our FTP and HTTP server find
the user account informations. What sort of approach would I have to
choose in order to make up a custom backend doing that (forgive me if
this is asking for something obvious - I'm just slowly getting into the
depths of apacheds ...).

Anyhow, thanks loads for your help!

Marc Boorshtein schrieb:
> In addition to penrose there are other commercial solutions from
> Oracle, Radiant Logic and MaxWare.  How complex is your DIT?  If you
> have just a flat DIT and a fairly good mindset you could probably
> cobble something together with just apacheds and a custom backend.
> Marc

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