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From Kristian Rink <>
Subject SQL-to-LDAP backend? (was Re: [OT?] user list)
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2006 14:22:15 GMT

Hello Ersin, list;

... and at first thanks for the reply.

Ersin Er schrieb:

> We do not yet have a users list so any question is fine here.

Okay, here's my "problem": I'm in the process of evaluating several
LDAP-based directory servers in order to get our user management
unified. Most of our user data currently is stored within a relational
database (more exactly, within a database structure created by some
document management system), and until I managed building a wholly new
infrastructure including tools and everything, I'd like to expose those
information (at least read-only) using LDAP.

Recently I looked at OpenLDAP and discovered that there is a solution
named slapd-sql which allows for making arbitrary data out of an SQL
capable relational database available as LDAP objects, given that there
is a meaningful configuration of SQL queries to fetch the actual data
when needed.

For several reasons I dislike OpenLDAP, and since I'm more a Java person
anyhow, I wonder if there's a way to do something similar using Apache
DS? Can I make the server connect to some database, say, using a JDBC
driver, to then "map" an LDAP hierarchy to a relational database? Has
anyone tried something like that before? Any hints on that?

Thanks in advance and bye,

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