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From Ersin Er <>
Subject Wrong (?) expression in ADS User's Guide:Subentries
Date Thu, 15 Jun 2006 11:12:45 GMT

Can any one confirm me that the role of "minimum" ( and maybe "maximum") 
component are given wrong in this document:

  base "ou=users", 
  minimum 4, 
  specificExclusions { chopBefore: "ou=untrusted" } 

    " Again if placed at the AP *'ou=system'* this subtree would begin 
at *'ou=users,ou=system'*. It would not include users that subordinate 
to it though because of the minimum constraint since these users would 
have 3 components in their DN. The specific exclusions prevent 
*'ou=untrusted,ou=users,ou=system'* and all its descendants from being 
included in the collection. However 
*'uid=jbean,ou=trusted,ou=users,ou=system'* would be included since it 
meets the minimum requirement, is a descendant of *'ou=users,ou=system'* 
and is not under the excluded DN, *'ou=untrusted,ou=users,ou=system'*."

This test assumes that "minimum" specification is effective in the 
context of the whole directory. So it counts from the root. However 
according to RFC 3672:

    "Entries that are less than the minimum number of RDN arcs below the
base entry are excluded from the subtree or subtree refinement. A
minimum value of zero (the default) corresponds to the base entry."

# of RDN arcs should be counted from the "base".

Right ?



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