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From Chris Betts <>
Subject Hi Again!
Date Wed, 17 May 2006 07:50:56 GMT
Hey Alex,

     to the great astonishment of all concerned, it looks like CA is  
actually ready to finally commit to donating JXplorer.  Hoo-effing- 
ray.  I just hope you guys are still interested.

     A couple 'o things - first, if they do donate JX it should make  
the web based client a lot easier as well; the version I've done up  
shares code with JX it would have been a pain to redo.

     Secondly, I don't know who is talking to whom between CA and JX,  
but the guy on the ground here in Oz managing the deal is my old mate  
Tim Bentley, who is 100% solid - he's an old, old friend of mine from  
Uni days and is a hands on developer type with a good grounding in  
open source and Apache.  Knowing CA they'll probably try to run the  
whole show out of the states (maybe with a chap called Venkat  
Reddy?), but if there's anything we can do locally just let us know.

     Thirdly, I suspect there's a lot of overlap in code between  
Apache DS and JX, and JX also manually does stuff that is now in  
basic java (e.g. when JX was written there was no 'LdapName' class,  
so it has it's own version).  I don't know how much effort we'll want  
to go to to synch the two... there's LDIF code and all sorts of jazz  
in JX which I think you guys have also written.  *shrug* - we'll  
figure it out.

     Anyway, fantastic to see things moving again, although I'll  
believe it's all a done deal when everyone has signed on the dotted  
line :-).


Dr Christopher Betts
Pegacat Software
Melbourne, Australia
+61 3 9715 0115

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