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From "Enrique Rodriguez" <>
Subject Re: Configuration objectclass
Date Tue, 23 May 2006 20:02:36 GMT
On 5/23/06, Alex Karasulu <> wrote:
> Enrique,
> Again I'm going to ask you to start sharing some of what you're doing
> with the rest of the dev list.  Simply having an esoteric conversation
> between you and John is not enough to shed light on what is actually
> about to happen.

Yes, I will work to share more of my OSGi work with the dev list.  I
thought that responding publicly to John's question would be a step in
that direction.  Though, again, it was my understanding that it was OK
to move Config Admin to Felix, in which case even less of this
discussion would have taken place here.

I would like to point out that the Configuration Admin service, as the
OSGi standard way to handle dynamic configuration, is very
well-detailed in the OSGi R3 and R4 specifications.  Admittedly, there
are 1100 pages worth of spec but the Config Admin portion is less
than, say, Kerberos' RFC 4120 or X.501.

> You need to bring the rest of us to this OSGi party if you're going to
> avoid -1 votes.  I already posted an email without getting a response to
> this dev list asking you to elaborate.

I'm sorry I didn't respond faster but you have to understand that it
is way less than 24 hrs. from when I checked email.  I responded to
John's question first in an effort to support a pending user request.
I'm now at work, responding to Directory email.

>  I have sent several private
> reminders to you to start sharing "your" OSGi aims with others.   I even
> called you on the phone.  If this conduct does not change, a veto is the
> least of your worries.  You're on the PMC, you should know how to engage
> this community properly.

I apologize for having a bandwidth problem.  As I mentioned in another
post, I expect that as the Felix project stabilizes, I will be able to
focus more time on the Directory project.

I have made a series of announcements, a request here and a couple
announcements on the Felix list:

Directory request:

Felix announcements:

This subject was also further discussed on the Felix list at:

> Start explaining to the rest of us what is going on so a surprise is not
> sprung in the last minute.   Is this so hard?  It takes a few words to
> give all a heads up.  I hope you are not thinking you can just jam in
> the recent work on OSGi.  You're doing some good work but you're not
> acting in accordance with what a community member much less a PMC member
> should be doing.

I do not expect to jam in the OSGi work.  I would not simply merge in
the OSGi work without detailing it first.

> Expose the work being done so others can have a chance to participate.

I'm a bit at a loss here.  I'm pounding away at work and on the Felix
project and I was trying to get a demo together to further the aims of
the Directory project and Felix project at JavaOne.  I've made a
number of announcements on the Directory and Felix projects and I
attemted to answer John's question to the best of my ability, and in a
public forum.  Admittedly, I can do better by focusing more on the
Directory project, but as a zero-sum game it has to come at the
detriment of other projects.

I will work more to bring the rest of the Directory team up-to-speed
on the OSGi integration.


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