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From Enrique Rodriguez <>
Subject Re: Code based on a one man show is bad news ( was: Re: [Fwd: svn commit: r408142 - ... )
Date Thu, 25 May 2006 05:02:36 GMT
Alex Karasulu wrote:
> Enrique Rodriguez wrote:
>> W.r.t. merging other OSGi work in the 1.1 branch I will be sure to
>> layout a plan shortly.  I did a flurry of work to get ApacheDS
>> assembling with Felix to get a demo together for JavaOne.  I apologize
>> for not having the time to detail my plan.
> You don't need that much to be said.   10 minutes to explain what you're 
> up to and to
> invite others to join you is enough.  You probably spent more time 
> responding to these emails.

Yes, that sounds accurate.

> So we're treading on thin ice.  We have Kerberos, DNS, NTP, and DHCP as 
> one man projects.  I *really* commend
> your herculean effort in getting these out there but we have serious 
> warning signs.  When I see you continuing
> on this same track with the OSGi work I start to worry.  Hence these 
> emails.

You are correct that as long as the OSGi services remain in my sandbox
at Directory that they are preventing community to form around them.
Though, I have to point out that I began them there over a year ago and
well before Felix formed and my intention all along has been to move
them to Felix.  Now that Felix has stabilized we are starting to see
users wish to work with these services, such as John Conlon's posts on
this list and Marcel Offermans very recently on the Felix post.
Therefore, as soon as I get a chance I will move the OSGi services to
the Felix OSGi project and tie them into the Felix OSGi build.  I see no
better way to make sure that the OSGi service work gathers a community
around it than to add them to the robust and growing Felix community.

Further, as I hope I have made clear this week, I will detail the OSGi
work that is in the 1.1 branch in regular emails.

> Are my concerns founded?

Yes, your concerns are founded and I will work to alleviate them ASAP.
I am very much looking forward to community involvement.  It was never
my intention to be a one-man show on OSGi and I thought that working to
grow the Felix project was an excellent sign of that.  The OSGi R4 specs
weigh in at 1,100 pages so the more people reading and grokking the
spec, the better.


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