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From "Jaka Jaksic" <>
Subject How to separate LDAP protocol handler?
Date Wed, 17 May 2006 12:49:42 GMT

We've been trying, with no luck, to accomplish something that should be
quite simple. What we want to do is to create a tiny LDAP server serving
simple read-only content (a list of users) from our database. According to
ApacheDS homepage, that should be easily doable by using only the LDAP
protocol provider, which is supposed to be nicely separable from the rest of
the product. However, everything seems to be very tightly coupled, to the
point where I find this seemingly simple task pretty much impossible to do
(at least without nasty hacking).

I'm pretty sure we're missing something here, but we couldn't find any
useful documentation on this topic, and also the link to Alex's presentation
on ApacheCon04 (which is supposed explain the architecture and integration
in greater detail) doesn't work.

Here's what we found out about the code so far, which I think prevents the
protocol handler from being used separately:

1. LdapProtocolHandler creates the handlers in a static block and places
them in an unmodifiable map, which prevents handlers from being replaced.

2. SearchHandler seems to depend on ServerLdapContext (ctx = (
ServerLdapContext ) unknown), which prevents using another LdapContext

3. DefaultDirectoryService and DefaultDirectoryServiceConfiguration are
package private and rewriting them from scratch seems like a lot of
unnecessary work.

All we would really need is to just plug in our own LdapContext or
SearchHandler and remove the underlying directory implementation. Or
something which would provide the same effect.

I'll be very grateful for any kind of advice!

Thanks and regards,

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