This is a great news.  Congratulations, everyone! :)


On 4/19/06, Enrique Rodriguez <> wrote:
Hi, Directory list,

Emmanuel and I have talks accepted for ApacheCon EU (June 26-30) in
Dublin, Ireland:

"WE4    SSO with Apache Directory    Enrique Rodriguez"
"TH28   ADS versus FDS and openLdap  lecharny emmanuel"

Also, closely related:

"WE24   Building Servers with MINA   Peter Royal"
"WE26   OSGi and Felix at Apache     Richard Hall"
"WE13   OSGi and Java Modularity     Richard Hall"
"WE27   OSGi best practices          Marcel Offermans"
"TH5    Apache LDAP Authentication   Brad Nicholes"

My apologies if I missed anyone.  Please chime in.


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