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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Re: Maven build failure
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2006 06:43:08 GMT
Norbet Reilly a écrit :
Hi Norbet,

>Thanks, that fixed my problem ... but also raised my level of concern
>about a build tool that auto-updates to plugins that apparently aren't
>compatible with their host executable.
>I like the shared repository idea in Maven2 but have to admit to being
>bamboozled by various plug-in issues, especially as they are "pushed"
>on you every time you build, rather then at a time when you feel like
>taking a risk.
>Perhaps if I understood how it worked better I could find some config
>changes that would support a safer "pull" model.
>...enough rambling...
Well, M2 was a great move in the right direction (because M1 was really 
difficult to manage and was slow). I admit that this road could seem 
bumpy - and, yes, it's uncomfortable - but I like to think that in a few 
months (weeks ?) those problems will be just bad memories.

I don't like either to upgrade a version (2.0.3 in my case) just because 
a plugin has problem, but look : since we migrated to M2, back in 
december as far as I remember, this was the first time we had serious 
issue with it, and it was fixed quickly. The error was that we didn't 
pushed a mail "***WARNING*** M2 -> upgrade to 2.0.3/4". That was the 
mistake. Our fault...

However, we are still in the process of fixing bugs, adding code, 
closing the 1.0 version, and it's not easy to keep an eye on every 
little moving part. I'm understand those "Ant is the best", or "Maven 
sucks", or whatever <rant/>, but, let me tell you : writing ant scripts 
in place of Maven will cost us a hell *lot* of energy, and as far as I 
can see using it on a daily basis, Maven 2 is doing the job right now. 
And it does it well. Those guy at Maven have done a tremendous work to 
improve it, and they will for sure improve it continuously in the next 
months, and, hopefully, years.

Trust me, I understand your concern more than you can think, but I also 
think that M2 only need few things to become a tool you like working 
with. It's like a wild horse : M1 was really wild, and M2 is the same 
horse with a saddle on it : we can have a ride with it, and may be enjoy 
it, even if from time to time it can throw you to the ground.

Last thing, here is a book you can download : It has been released three 
days ago. It can help.

Hope it helps ;)

Emmanuel Lécharny

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