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From Stefan Zoerner <>
Subject Why is equals() in class LdapName case-sensitive?
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2006 16:06:22 GMT
Hi all!

I have found the cause for defect DIRSERVER-606. In fact there are two 
problems within class OldAuthorizationService. I will provide a patch 
for your verification soon. But there is still one thing, I do not 
understand (and which looks more important to me).

class has an equals 
method, which is frequently used within OldAuthorizationService, and 
which is case sensitive:

LdapName name1 = new LdapName("cn=Fiona Apple,ou=users,ou=system");
LdapName name2 = new LdapName("cn=fiona apple,ou=users,ou=system");
System.err.println("name1               = "+name1);
System.err.println("name2               = "+name2);
System.err.println("name1.equals(name2) = "+name1.equals(name2));

prints out

name1               = cn=Fiona Apple,ou=users,ou=system
name2               = cn=fiona apple,ou=users,ou=system
name1.equals(name2) = false

Is this intended? Or is it a bug? (=> JIRA?)

Thanks in advance, Stefan

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