Niklas already answered, but I'd like to comment a little bit more.

On 3/23/06, Jörg Henne <> wrote:
the MINA website lists (UDP) broadcast support as missing. Is this
information still correct? Do you have any pointers for me, if I were to
embark on a mission to build broadcast support (specifically, something
DHCPish) based on old IO?

It's still correct and we'll be really glad if someone wants to implement it.  Implementing a new transport type ( i.e. multicast) is to implement IoAcceptor and IoConnector interface.  Please refer to the implementation classes such as DatagramAcceptor and DatagramConnector.

I didn't consider broadcasting at the moment I designed MINA API, so you might have to modify the API to support broadcasting thoroughly.  It's OK of course.  I think we need to support multicast before we release 1.0 for the completeness of the API.

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