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t depends on the implementation of codec.  Some codec might be stateless so they don't need any synchronization.  Of course, a codec factory usually returns a new instance.  It's a user's choice.

No, regardless of codec implementation...


look in messageReceived.. it synchronizes on decoder, prior to doing decoder.decode. So if you have a ProtocolDecoder that is stateless that could be shared, you will not be able to decode multiple messages in parallel.

Ah... now I remember! :D

Because of datagram transport and pluggable thread pool, we have to retain the synchronization.  Datagram doesn't become a problem if DIRMINA-162 (http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DIRMINA-162 ) is resolved.  WRT non-leader-followers thread pool, it apparently is a problem.

The question would be 'do we really need pluggable thread pool?' or 'does an ordinary thread pool outperform a leader-followers thread pool seriously?'  Robert told us an ordinary TP performs 25% better than a LFTP, but it might be just because encoding is not pooled.

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