On 3/10/06, Ceki Gülcü <listid@qos.ch> wrote:

I tried to summarize some of the arguments given here in my blog (see
below). In a nutshell, aiming for JDK 1.4 compatibility using JDK 1.5
language features is likely to be messy, especially if you accept patches
from "outside" developers. On the other hand, who would blame you to want
to switch to JDK 1.5 when JDK 1.6 is in the offing?

I'd like to say maintaining the backward compatibiliy can become messy just because of the lack of the feature in retrotranslator, not because of the techinique itself.  If retrotranslator builds an API dictionary which contains the API difference between JDK 1.4 and 1.5, then we can return an error while translation very easily without much cost.  Actually, I want to contribute this feature to the retrotranslator team.

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