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From "Norbet Reilly" <>
Subject Re: Custom schema help
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2006 00:06:06 GMT
I have a patch I use to discover a proxy LDAP server's schema and
register it with ApacheDS dynamically when the proxy partition starts

If you're interested I can pass it on, but recently something seems to
have changed with GlobalRegistries/SchemaService which caused a
problem I haven't had time to fully diagnose. I can perhaps look into
the problem next week if anyone is interested in the patch (I can't
even remember exactly what it was now) .

Note that ultimately my feeling is that ApacheDS will need some
specialised support for proxy partitions, as ideally they require a
much more "hands-off" approach from the server (there is no need to
normalise/schema check etc etc if the remote LDAP server is going to
do it all again anyway). Even then contributing the remote schema
dynamically may still have some value.

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