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Subject Re: Custom partition deployment process
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2006 00:03:26 GMT

I fixed this by splitting my classes into two jars: one for the directory 
partition (in $INSTALL_DIR/lib) and one for the logging appender classes. 
I then added the logging appender jar (plus opennms.jar) to the CLASSPATH 
in /etc/init.d/apacheds (well, actually /etc/sysconfig/apacheds).

Martin Zaidel 
23/03/2006 12:33 PM
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"Apache Directory Developers List" <>
Apache Directory Developers List <>
Re: Custom partition deployment process

Sorry, I wasn't clear: I'm trying to run Directory Server standalone (not 
embedded), using the Daemon bootstrappers via the apacheds executable in 
$INSTALL_DIR/bin.   That is, the server will be kicked off from 
/etc/init.d/apacheds (ie., not via the command-line using maven).  On a 
lark---since it seemed like the right thing to do---I installed my custom 
directory partition classes in jar files in $INSTALL_DIR/lib/ext and the 
server configuration files into $INSTALL_DIR/conf.  And the good news is 
that the server *appears* to be configured correctly (at least no 
ClassNotFoundExceptions for the directory partition classes in the server 
logs with debugging turned up.)

The problem I have is that my file references a Log4J 
SNMP appender (built on top of opennms---also in $INSTALL_DIR/lib/ext, if 
you're keeping score at home) whose class is in my jar file (in 
$INSTALL_DIR/lib/ext):  that is,  it appears that the classloader 
shuffling by the daemon bootstrapping classes has the consequence of 
disconnecting the log4j LogFactory class from the appender in my jar file.

I'm trying to find documentation/help on how to package/deploy the 
appender so that log4j is properly configured.  That is, what the apacheds 
executable does via classloaders and not on how to implement a custom 

Thanks again.

Martin Zaidel

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To: Apache Directory Developers List <>
From: Ersin Er <>
Date: 23/03/2006 08:06AM
Subject: Re: Custom partition deployment process wrote:
> I've developed a custom partition for Apache directory server, which
> I'm trying to deploy with the 1.0-RC1 distribution.  I've taken the
> naive approach of just copying my jars to $INSTALL_DIR/lib/ext and my
> configuration files to $INSTALL_DIR/conf.  And it *almost* works---the
> logging configuation fails due to a classpath problem (I'm using a
> custom log4j appender class).
> Is there any documentation on how to deploy custom code to the
> standard distribution package (ie., using bin/apacheds.exe and not
> maven or ant)?
> Thanks,
> Martin
A bit out of date (m1) but here it's:


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