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Subject Custom schema help
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2006 04:28:31 GMT

I need some pointers to doc and/or advice on how to deal with a custom 
LDAP schema.  My DirectoryServer instance is proxying requests to a custom 
LDAP server with a custom schema, and then processing the responses and 
passing them back to the client.  However, the end client wants to submit 
to my proxy server a search filter that contains a custom attribute in the 
backend server.  When the client submits this filter to Apache DS, the 
NormalizationService intercepts it before the request reaches my 
DirectoryPartition implementation, and----failing to find it in its own 
schemas---returns an empty enumeration.

Clearly, I need to either a.) load the custom schema or b.) modify the 
NormalizationSchema not to perform the local attribute check.  I'd prefer 
the former (since that seems less hack-y), but I have no idea how to go 
about it or what kind of pain I'm in for.

Any advice appreciated.


Martin Zaidel

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