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From Emmanuel Lecharny <>
Subject Speed Tests
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2006 22:38:23 GMT
Hi all,

I have done some speed tests lately on all the versions of ApacheDS :
 * 0.8
 * 0.9
 * 0.9.2
 * 0.9.3
 * 1.0-RC1
 * 2.0-RC1 + patch

This is a very simple test, done with Jmeter : Bind, search N times the 
same user, and unbind. Usually, N * nbthreads = 5 000

Here are what I get :
* 0.8 : unstable. I was able to do around 236 search request per second, 
with one thread, and I hve got many error.
* 0.9 : Strange enough, the fastest of all the different versions : I 
reached 744 searches per second with 5 threads.
* 0.9.1 : not tested yet
* 0.9.2 : Impossible to do some tests with more than one thread. Peak at 
555 searches per second.
* 0.9.3 : Same problem than 0.9.2. I got 469 req/s
* 1.0-RC1 : a peak at 566 req/s. Performance degradation after a few 
seconds : there is a memory leak.
* 1.0-RC1 + patch : more than 780 req/s with one thread. No more memory 
leak. *But* : just freeze with more than one thread, after a few 
thousand requests. There is a concurrent access problem in this version...

Ok,  it was just to inform you, developpers and users,  about which kind 
of performance we can expect from ADS, and also which kind of problems 
we are facing. Obviously, 1.0-RC1 is *not* production ready. And 1.0-RC2 
is still in its pre-infancy.

Those tests will be improved, in order to be reproduced when needed, for 
each new versions. Some numbers will be stored somewhere to be able to 
compare the results of newer versions with older results.

If goodwill people can help us to define better load tests, this will be 
appreciate !

Hope it helps,
Emmanuel L├ęcharny

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