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From Enrique Rodriguez <>
Subject Re: LDAP schema for DHCP
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2006 19:02:25 GMT
Jörg Henne wrote:
> Hi,
> looking at the DHCP schema included with DS, I noticed that the 
> specification it is apparently based on 
> ( 
> has the status of a working draft. Furthermore, the specification is 
> largely very unclear about the actual use of the attribute it defines, 
> and gives even less hints about the object layout it is supposed to use.
> Does anyone know, whether there is
> - a newer specification than the one I found, or
> - some clarifying supplementary documentation, or
> - at least a reference implementation which could be raided for a few 
> examples?

I can't speak exactly for DHCP, but for DNS we went through the same 
thought process:  is there something existing we can use rather than 
re-invent.  Unfortunately, we found it was easier to design our own DNS 
schema, though we did use the existing one to at least get things 
running and learn how a well-designed schema would look.

> If the answer to the above is three times no, implementing a DHCP server 
> based on this specification seems rather futile, since there is so 
> little documentation.

I'm not surprised and I don't think any of us have any objection to 
removing it.  If you'd like, we are interested in a well-designed DHCP 
schema and we can allocate a range of OID.


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