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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: Custom partition deployment process
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2006 01:44:44 GMT wrote:
> Sorry, I wasn't clear: I'm trying to run Directory Server standalone 
> (not embedded), using the Daemon bootstrappers via the apacheds 
> executable in $INSTALL_DIR/bin.   That is, the server will be kicked 
> off from /etc/init.d/apacheds (ie., not via the command-line using 
> maven).  On a lark---since it seemed like the right thing to do---I 
> installed my custom directory partition classes in jar files in 
> $INSTALL_DIR/lib/ext
Ooops this is not enabled yet sorry.  Try just putting it into the lib 
directory and it should get picked up.
> and the server configuration files into $INSTALL_DIR/conf.  And the 
> good news is that the server *appears* to be configured correctly (at 
> least no ClassNotFoundExceptions for the directory partition classes 
> in the server logs with debugging turned up.)
> The problem I have is that my file references a Log4J 
> SNMP appender (built on top of opennms---also in $INSTALL_DIR/lib/ext, 
> if you're keeping score at home) whose class is in my jar file (in 
> $INSTALL_DIR/lib/ext):  that is,  it appears that the classloader 
> shuffling by the daemon bootstrapping classes has the consequence of 
> disconnecting the log4j LogFactory class from the appender in my jar file.
Sounds complicated ... again I don't know how this is getting picked 
up.  Try dropping your jars into the lib directory for now disregard the 
ext directory.  Sorry about the confusion but I did not have time to rig 
it yet.  Give that a try and call me in the morning.

Good luck,

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