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From Alex Karasulu <>
Subject Re: [Apache DS] Shall we go JDK 1.5 in 1.1 branch
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2006 07:16:38 GMT
John Sisson wrote:
> Alex,
> Cross posting to dev@geronimo... since Geronimo has been mentioned a 
> few times in this thread.
> AFAIK the statement below that Geronimo's latest development branch 
> will use JDK 1.5 does not reflect past discussions on the dev@geronimo 
> thread 
> .  Where JEE 5 support will be developed is yet to be decided.
> Can you confirm that you are proposing that both Apache DS 1.0, 1.1 & 
> 1.2 will be embeddable in Geronimo on JDK 1.4.2 .
Hiya John,

Yes you are right.  Both stable (GA) releases of ApacheDS, 1.0 and 1.2, 
will be JDK 1.4 compatible.  A jump to JDK 5 is probably a year out.  In 
any case, we will make sure we provide 1.4 JDK compatibility with a 
living GA branch for Geronimo and JetSpeed.  A JDK 5 minimum requirement 
would appear with a 2.0 release of ApacheDS.  Apache 2.0 will not 
necessarily kill the latest 1.x branch.

Note that 1.0 is not even released yet.  So in other words, I would not 
worry too much :).  We still have much work to do.  However I did make a 
mistake thinking Geronimo's JEE 5 support was going to be J2SE 5.0 
based.  My bad.

Please excuse the confusion,

> Thanks,
> John
> Alex Karasulu wrote:
>> I was going to write a long email about this but let me condense it.
>> (1) JDK 1.4 and up is supported for all user types (including 
>> embedding users) in 1.0 branch and this will never change.  This 
>> branch is alive and well and will be maintained with bug fixes.  
>> There already are features in this branch that are 1.5 specific and 
>> you can get those by adding some extra "components" but must run them 
>> on JDK 1.5 (SSL is the only JDK 1.5 requirement at this point).
>> (2) The 1.1 branch is an experimental/feature addition branch.  Even 
>> Geronimo will not look back and will use JDK 1.5 for there latest 
>> development branch.  Does this mean we have to?  Not necessarily.  
>> This branch will most likely add compliance with OpenGroup.  It will 
>> also introduce enhancements for performance in the database, DN 
>> handling and in the asn1 subsystems.  This branch will release often 
>> hopefully but that does not mean users should use it.  The real 
>> culmination of this branch will be the stable release of 1.2.  This 
>> will take 4-6 months at a minimum.  In that time more users will be 
>> on JDK 1.5 but we will still have most users on 1.4.
>> (3) A clean break is always better than a half assed job period.  
>> However we need to get our timing straight.  That's all this JDK 
>> discussion is really about.  So we have to pick just when we make 
>> this jump.
>> So now here's my opinion:
>> (a) MINA sticks to 1.4 support without messing with byte code and 
>> experiments with retroweaver.  She should release a 1.0 and have a 
>> solid stable API for 1.4 and 1.5 support.  At this point I'd like to 
>> see mina graduate incubation and start a new branch 1.1 which focuses 
>> on JDK1.5 with mina 1.0 as 1.4 fall back.  This can occur in about 
>> 4-6 months IMHO.
>> (b) ApacheDS sticks to 1.4 support in the 1.1 and 1.2 branches.  For 
>> 1.5 needs it juggles new components and leverages OSGi to help manage 
>> this.  SASL, SSL, Crypto libs and other features that may need 1.5 
>> can load 1.5 specific bundles to do this.  This sucks and is going to 
>> be a pita for us the developers but we can do it and we have OSGi to 
>> help. At this point 1.0 dies and 1.2 becomes the main supported branch.
>> (c) Once MINA graduates and starts work on a pure JDK 1.5+ branch we 
>> can start a new experimental branch for ApacheDS, branch 1.5 skipping 
>> 1.3 altogether.  Here we redesign the server to use all 1.5 
>> features.  The design/architecture and readability, maintainability 
>> greatly improves.  We then bump up the GA release branch to 2.0.  
>> This is a year out in the making.  Plus it will coincide with mina 
>> 1.1 or whatever we choose it to be designated as for jdk 1.5 
>> support.  At this point we can decide to kill 1.2 or to keep on 
>> supporting bug fixes in it for 6 more months (recommended) until SUN 
>> puts an EOL on jdk 1.4.
>> Summary
>> =======
>> (1) Users are happy, embedding and standalone users
>> (2) Developers deal with the burden but use OSGi to alleviate the pain
>> (3) We have a clean manageable break which will make life bearable
>> (4) MINA progresses forward with 1.0 and 1.1 jdk 5 support with a 
>> nice clean break and gets a new home as it should
>> (5) ApacheDS 1.2 will pretty much have the same functionality as 2.0 
>> so there will be little complains.  The server will just be 
>> redesigned to make it easier for developers.  There is only so much 
>> you can do with LDAP, DNS and Kerberos.
>> DHCP is another story but we can talk later about this one.
>> Heh we can deal later with these headaches 1.6 will bring a year from 
>> now.
>> Cheers,
>> Alex
>> P.S. Can we agree on this and forge ahead please?

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