Isn't it docs/apidoc?


2006/2/2, Nirmalya Sengupta <>:
Hello all,

While tinkering with my first project that uses MINA, I found that I
could not attach
the JavaDoc to mina-0.9.0.jar in Eclipse.

I have MINA (0.9.0) installed in $HOME/mina-0.9.0.
It contains a 'docs' subdirectory, License.txt and mina-0.9.0.jar.

In Eclipse (3.1), I go to Project|Properties|Java Build Path|Libraries.
I click on the entry : mina-0.9.0.jar . It shows that javadoc location
is 'none'.
I select it and press EDIT. A dialog box opens up. I make it to point to
the directory $HOME/mina-0.9.0/docs (mentioned above). It refuses to allow
me because it does not contain 'package-list'.

Please point out to me where am I going wrong.


Nirmalya Sengupta
Software Technologist
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