2006/1/24, Johannes Zillmann <JZ8_blue@yahoo.de>:
Trustin Lee schrieb:

> Yes, we can do this using traffic control, but it breaks the
> abstraction layer seriously.  Does it worth?  It would be great if you
> give me good reasons.

Well let mey i try it...
First of all my requirements on a communication framework looks like :
"transport" of (1) buissness logic & (2) large amount of data.
For (1) mina looks quite good! nothing to add...
(2) i achieved with some additional support classes also in a good
manner, but compared with a bio socket transfer the performance is worser.
Transfering a 80Mb file with mina is 1-2 seconds slower as with a
simplistic bio implementation. (at least i achieved this results)
Not remarkable i think, cause for copying a file. streaming is perfect,
you just have nothing to add.

I've doing some file copying test on my local machine without sockets
and i was never able to achieve better performance with nio than with
bio except with the transferTo() method.
Searching the internet i came to the point i 've doing nothing wrong but
i depends on the operating system too.

Back to main point, i suspect  loosing just one second on 80Mb in a
scenario where giga bytes have to moved daily could be too much .
It could put me in the situation where i cannot use mina but build a bio
communication framework.
But i think if i would do the job well, i end up in building a to mina
similar  framework for my buisness logic but with better support for
Would that make sense  ?
I don't like the idea ...

Well let me put it all together...
If mina would support direct access to the sockets, i can be sure that i
can achieve the best performance i ever could achieve!
More then that, when you using mina you can take profit of mina, but
would not loosing any possibilty of pure sockets,....
Regardless if i use mina-nio or mina-bio.
So i think the reasons not to use mina would then be frightening small !

Sounds that reasonable ?
I think there are a lot of applictaions out there that have to move
large data masses, and i think especially them would profit the most!

Sounds very reasonable.  Fortunately, I also need this feature for my new project for the company.  I believe it will be included in the future version of MINA somehow.

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