Hello Tony,

I'm sorry for the late response.  It was our traditional holiday recently.

2006/1/24, Gunter, Tony <tony.gunter@bearingpoint.com >:

I realize that you're probably very busy, but I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction for creating a custom partition that would utilize JDBC for LDAP lookups.  I realize this will be a bit slow, and that's okay for this application.  And I realize that I will need to place my JDBC code in a class that extends AbstractDirectoryPartition.  But how will this class be referenced by ApacheDS?

There's a configuration API you need to specify when you start up the server.  Those classes are located in the pacakge 'configuration'.   You can add your own custom partitions using DirectoryPartitionConfiguration.  Please take a look at the test case source codes which demonstrates how to use custom partitions.

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