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From Norbet Reilly <>
Subject Current build status
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2006 06:49:22 GMT
Hi busy ADS-ers,

Congrats on the big push to V1RC1!

I have been trying to build under JDK1.4/Maven 2.02 for the last few
days without much success (for various transient reasons - some
seeming to relate to file propagation between various Maven
repositories) and just wanted to ask for some advice.

Is it still possible to build the standalone jar these days? I was
able to get somewhere close to doing this last week (but it seemed I
still had some issues to sort out re expected start-up configuration
directory structure), but get no joy when I do a "mvn
assembly:assembly" in apacheds_trunks/daemon/ which seems to be the
best guess as to what I should be doing.


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