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From "Ersin Er" <>
Subject The new web site and some todo
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2006 22:21:35 GMT
Hi all,

I've deployed the new m2 generated site at   (as usual :-) )

The new site is a simplified in terms of usage and content. I tried to
keep old url schemes. Here are the main changes or points:

* we have four sites for main project, apacheds, naming and mina
* we have site.readmes at the following locations:
  you can use these docos to get info about site generation and deployment.
* "subprojects/network" is now "subprojects/mina" and "Network Layer
(MINA)" is now "MINA (Network Layer)"
* asn1 and protocols's documentation are removed (while they have not
yet graduaded to be standalone projects)
* protocols and other apacheds modules are not listed in a single page
modules.html under apacheds site
* most of the project info are now m2 generated, not hand written
(like svn, mailing lists, etc.)
* download links are now dynamic apache mirror selection links
* we have a releases page (which is currently not active. will be
active with 1.0 rc1)
* we have fully connected javadocs for apacheds and mina (this is also
good for embedded doco for distribution)

And some problems with todos:

* we do not have xrefs for any project while m2 is not successful at
generating them (at least for me) (and this causes some broken links
in mina site)
* user's and developer's guides' contents needs extensive update (this
is a blocker)
* some project info (like developer list) are redundant in main and
apacheds poms (i may fix this a little later)
* naming site is old stuff, it's m1 based and cannot be updated
(without hard editing the already generated content)

The list may have a few items more which I cannot remember now. Please
let me know any problems and suggestions you have.


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