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Subject Re: Backing up ADS?
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2006 17:31:08 GMT

That looks really interesting Alex... I'll have a play.

However, I think what I'm after is far more modest.  I'd like to add a new
method to my MBean.  Something like:

      public void saveDirectoryAsLDIF();

And simply dump the whole directory tree to an offline stash area.

If the JDBM file system becomes corrupt or damaged, I'd like to drop the
LDIF file into the ADS import folder and restart the server (after removing
the physical file storage of cause).

So I guess I need so general directy tree traversal with LDIF writer


27 February 2006 16:42
To: Apache Directory Developers List <>
From: Alex Karasulu <>
Subject: Re: Backing up ADS? wrote:

>Is there some server-side code I can call to generate the LDIF or do I
>to use a client like JXplorer, or a client API?
You want ApDS to backup stuff itself?  Interesting idea.  I wrote a
changelog interceptor example which generates a LDIF changelog for my
last AC prezo.  I have the code for a way old version of the server here
in the safehaus sandbox repo.  BTW the username/password to the safehaus
sandbox repository is guest/guest.

If you'd like to fix the code so it runs in here you can commit it
back.  I can help you with this if you get stuck.  It's really good code
to follow for building a nice changelog which can be put into SVN.  Also
TMATE makes a great SVN library which can be used to commit the change
log every night.

If you want to talk about this fast you can skype me.  My handle is


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