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From "Trustin Lee" <>
Subject Re: [Mina] Architecture advice
Date Sat, 25 Feb 2006 09:17:21 GMT
On 2/14/06, <> wrote:
> > NBIO can handle this of course IMHO.
> Yes it can, but I wonder whether it brings something over BIO in term of
> performance.
> This is a general question I have towards NBIO.
> NBIO brings better scalability, at the price, IMHO, of complexity (less
> intuitive model, require use of FSM-based protocol handler).
> I always wonder from which nr of simultaneous connections NBIO take the
> advantage over BIO.
> I also wonder whether BIO perform better when load is not high.
> Actually, it would be interesting to implement the same protocol (average
> complexity) using BIO and NBIO, and compare their performance under
> several
> loads. Does such benchmark already exist?

JGroups guys published one:

And there was also a test result that BIO with Linux NPTL outperforms NIO
even with thousands of threads:

I think the result can change if MINA supports native AIO.

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