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From "Trustin Lee" <>
Subject Re: [mina] DIRMINA-165 revisited
Date Sat, 25 Feb 2006 09:10:54 GMT
On 2/16/06, joshua portway <> wrote:
> thanks for the warning - is anyone actively working on this issue ?

Not yet unfortunately.  Any contribution is welcome.  ;)

It's important to my project to be able to slice buffers ( actually,
> I have one permanent buffer, with permanent "slice" buffers pointing
> to bits of it and when the contents of the buffer change I send a
> load of network messages - one for each of the slice buffers - this
> avoids any copying or reallocating buffers ).

We understand your point clearly.  We'll resolve this issue with careful

If no one else is working on this I'll probably give it a go myself,
> but I would appreciate some advice about why it was considered a bad
> idea for view buffer "containers" (mina ByteBuffer) to be pooled -
> can anyone help me out here ?

It is because it is very hard to keep track of NIO buffers.  It becomes very
error-prone for a user to release the buffer while its duplicate or slice is
being used by others.  There should be a trade-off somewhere to achieve
duplication and slicing of buffers.  Let's keep discussing on this issue in
the JIRA:

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