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From "Trustin Lee" <>
Subject Re: [mina] Minimum thread pool size, IoFilterChain initialization
Date Sat, 25 Feb 2006 09:05:58 GMT
On 2/16/06, Greg Duffy <> wrote:
> Would it be possible/prudent to allow a minimum thread pool size in
> the TheadPoolFilter? After periods of inactivity I notice a small bit
> of latency when new threads are being created, and it'd be nice to
> have some control over it. My "clients" (actually automated processes)
> are impatient and tend to retransmit if I don't send something back
> quickly enough (and I need to do it in a separate connection, which
> means more latency if I'm using different ThreadPoolFilter(s) for
> that). For my purposes, retransmits are not fatal, but it would be
> nice to avoid them nonetheless.

You can track this issue from now on here:

Also, I was wondering where the best place is to initialize the
> IoFilterChain. Right now I'm doing it on the creation or opening of a
> session, but the set of filters I use is static. Is there a better or
> more performant place to put that? I've got two instances I'm
> wondering about: one using a ServiceRegistry and one initializing a
> connector directly (for client communication).

Since 0.9.2, the configuration API has been improved. Here's the example:

SocketAcceptorConfig cfg = new SocketAcceptorConfig();
cfg.getFilterChain().addLast( "...", ... );
cfg.setReuseAddress( true );

acceptor.bind( address, myHandler, cfg );


On a side note, I'm just starting to work with MINA, so hello and
> thanks for a cool project! Feel free to set me straight if I'm missing
> a big concept in anything above.

Thank you for your high-quality feedback.  The Apache MINA team will always
respect your criticism.  Please feel free to keep feeding us back. :)

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