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From Trustin Lee <>
Subject Re: [mina] controlling packets
Date Thu, 02 Feb 2006 01:46:31 GMT
Hi Joshua,

2006/1/23, joshua portway <>:
> One thing I'm not sure I've understood - In your PacketisingFilter
> implementation, it looks as if the encoder will still be having to split the
> message data into buffer size chunks before sending it "down the pipe" to
> the Packetizing filter which seems to be just adding the header to each
> buffer. It would seem cleaner for the encoder to just create the encoded
> message as one big ByteBuffer and the PacketisingFilter to split this up
> into packets and add the header to each packet.  If I did try to do all the
> packetizing in the filter, though, I'm still not sure how I would cause a
> "flush" downstream from the filter to actually write the header and data to
> the network as a single packet. Also, if I did write the IO filter like
> this, and there's a method to cause a "flush", does the method block until
> the data has actually been sent, or am I still going to have to deal with
> the problem of not being able to slice the buffer ?

Actually, there's no guarentee that one write makes one packet nor that 2+
writes make 2+ packets in TCP/IP.  nextFilter.filterWrite() will signal the
socket I/O processor thread to write the data you passed.  But it's not a
blocking operation.  It's asynchronous.  I guess you'd better just program
your encoder to flush exactly one buffer per message.  Did I understand your
problem correctly?

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