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From Dani Eichhorn <>
Subject [mina] Sending datagrams without connection
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2006 16:31:37 GMT
I'm new to mina, so please excuse me, if this is a stupid question,  
since the mail list archive seems to be broken...

In java.nio I have the choice if I want to send a datagram using a  
connection, or if I'm using the DatagramChannel.recieve/send methods.  
Do I have this choice in Mina as well, since it is built on top of  
I'm working on a library for NAT traversal (UDP and TCP) for P2P  
networks. For a NAT traversal technique called hole punching I need  
to be able to send datagrams into the blue, without getting any  
response in the first place. It works directly with java.nio, but I'd  
like to use the convenience of mina...


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