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From <>
Subject Understand thread usage in MINA
Date Thu, 09 Feb 2006 14:24:37 GMT
I'd like to understand thread usage better in MINA.


I have an application in mind that accepts TCP connections on one of
several ports and can also initiate connections to another server that
talks the same protocol.  Its basically a server to server messaging


For accepting connections I would register a Service with each port I'm
listening on, and for making the outbound connections I would use a
SocketConnector to connect to the other servers.  The questions I have


-          Do all of the Service objects share the same thread pool?

-          Does all of the connections created from a SocketConnector
share the same thread pool? Is this the same pool that the Service
objects use?

-          Would I use 1 socket connector for the entire application?  A
pool of them?  One per client?



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